My Clinics

While I love the thrill of showing, I love teaching riders how to get the most out of their horses and have fun with them. About 40 years ago, I started doing clinics for small groups of people all over the world. They are some of the most fullfilling moments of my life.  To watch someone get so much better in just two or three days is some fun.  The look on their faces when just there is just a small victory is worth it all. 


I have had clinics with some of the same groups for 18 years.  We just go over what we have done in the past and add to it depending on what horse they are on and the skill level they have reached. 

Some pictures from my clinics

Want to have a clinic? Here's how....

My clinics are always custom-made by the organizers - you. You and your group are responsible for obtaining the venue, collecting participants, and organizing the schedule and topics.  You know your area and riders - I don't -  so it makes no sense for me to organize. 


Some people have me do a private, multi-day clinic with a group of riders (typically 6-10), while others also allow spectators (sometimes paid, sometimes free). Some groups are saddle clubs, some are just horse friends, and others advertise for riders to join the clinic. I have even done clinics at Universities and Horse Expos.


I'm flexible - it is really up to you. I can work with riders of all levels and disciplines. Of course, I specialize in trail, western riding (or just lead changes), horsemanship, equitation, and showmanship.

Contact me for details on holding a Nancy Cahill clinic in your area. I'd love to work with you and your horse.


2267 Derby Lane
Madisonville, TX  77864



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