DVD Sets


You can purchase my videos individually or in sets.

Horsemanship 1: Fundamentals of Excellence. This is a great fundamentals video for how to maximize your communication with your horse. It is good for all levels of riders and horses. 

Horsemanship 2: Drills for Ultimate Control. This video will teach you many types of drills that you can use with your horse in order to improve your control of your horse and his body. 

Taking Your Obstacles Out of Trail! This video is all about going over obstacles with your horse. Once you have mastered your horsemanship skills, you are ready to move to the next level. This video is good for competitive trail riders as well as anyone who wants to be more in tune with their horse over obstacles. 

Competitive Trail Training Package. This two-disk package focuses on showing competitive trail at horse shows. Real runs from shows are critiqued and suggestions for improvement are given. 

Precision in Western Riding. This video is all about changing leads correctly and beautifully. From the beginning elements to advanced movements, you will learn how to doing flying lead changes with your horse.